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Train Your Dog with a Deluxe Truffle Kit - Obedience Made Easy

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Get all the tools and supplies you need to train your pup quickly and easily. Our kit includes a training treat pouch, clicker, and basic commands cards - everything you need to start teaching your pup good habits. Try it today!

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Brand: Ross Tartufi

Product Code: Aestivum&Uncinatum

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Train Your Dog with a Truffle Starter Kit

The Truffle Training Starter Kit provides you with the tools necessary to start training on your own at home! The kit consists of a Truffle Scent Solution of your choice. All Truffle Training Starter Kits are sent out with the Pacific Northwest Truffle Solution unless otherwise specified. If you would prefer to have the European Truffle Scent Solution please let us know upon check out.

Kit include:

100g of fresh - B and C grade black truffles -Tuber Aestivum or Uncinatum


100ml olive oil aroma of white truffles - Tuber Magnatum pico 

    If the train dogs to hunt truffles, a few drops of oil are sufficient to flavor the favorite food of the dog. 250ml completely in sufficiently to train 1 dog or flavored to 60 kg dog granules or meal

    Total reduced price for two products


    DHL Express, UPS Express, Fedex - transit time for delivery: 24-96 hours after confirmation of payment. The time required to process the order is 24-48 hours. 

    Delivery days:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, excluding National holidays

    We deliver our fresh truffles in special high quality refrigerated cans with extra temperature control coolers. The special package adds extra weight and this increases the cost of delivery.

    Origin of truffles

    Our main goal is to provide our customers with high quality fresh and aromatic black and white truffles

    This high goal is only achievable if we buy fresh truffles from different regions of Europe. The climate is different for different EU countries in different seasons and the quality of truffles is variable. We manage to maintain excellent quality because we cover a very large area of ​​Europe. We buy and sell extremely fresh truffles from truffle hunters from France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria

    We have been supplying truffles for 15 years now and we have built a network of suppliers to ensure excellent quality at all times of the year

    Our customers are national and local distributors in Germany, France, Italy, England, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Michelin restaurants and many private individuals


    Christie N. - 25/11/2022

    I recently purchased the Truffle Starter Kit to train my dog and it has been an absolute lifesaver! The kit comes with everything you need to get started: a training manual, a clicker, and a variety of treats. The training manual is very easy to understand, and it had all of the information I needed to get started with training my dog. The clicker is a great tool for reinforcing good behaviors. And the treats are a great reward for when my dog does something right.

    I've been using the Truffle Starter Kit for a few weeks now and I've been really impressed with how well my dog has responded to the training. He's learned quickly and seems to really enjoy the process. I'm really happy with the results and would definitely recommend the Truffle Starter Kit to anyone looking to train their dog.

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