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Train Your Dog with Fresh Black Truffles - Triple kit

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Our fresh black truffles are perfect for dog training and will help your pup learn quickly and effectively. Get your triple kit today and get your dog on the right track!

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Brand: Ross Tartufi

Product Code: Aestivum&Uncinatum

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Triple kit with Fresh Black Truffles for Dog Training - Get Results Today!

Treasure-Tracking Dogs: Unearthing Delicacies with Trained Canines

Using their superior sense of smell and impressive tracking abilities, trained dogs are helping to uncover underground truffles—a highly sought-after delicacy. Hunters and their canine companions venture out into the wild in search of these edible mushrooms, combing through the undergrowth to find these hidden gems. With the help of these four-legged friends, truffle hunters can quickly and efficiently find the prized fungi.

Training Your Dog to Locate Truffles:

1. Start by giving your dog treats when they find a truffle.

2. Introduce the smell of truffles by having them sniff truffle oil or rubbing truffle pieces on the ground.

3. Show your dog where to look for truffles by taking them to a truffle-rich area.

4. Encourage curiosity and exploration by allowing your dog to dig and sniff around.

5. Reward your dog for finding truffles with treats and praise.

6. Practice regularly to reinforce the behavior.

Train your pup with only the best! Get our Triple kit with Fresh Black Truffles for Dog Training. Perfect for building strong relationships between you and your pet. Buy now and experience the difference!

This "Triple Kit" contains three fresh black truffles specifically designed for dog training

100g/3.53oz of fresh - B and C grade - black truffles Tuber Aestivum or Uncinatum


100ml/3.53oz olive oil with aroma of white truffles Tuber Magnatum pico


100ml/3.53oz olive oil with aroma of black truffles Tuber Melanosporum vitt 

If the train dogs to hunt truffles, a few drops of oil are sufficient to flavor the favorite food of the dog

Tip: Total reduced price for three products


DHL Express, UPS Express, Fedex - transit time for delivery: 24-96 hours after confirmation of payment. The time required to process the order is 24-48 hours. 

Delivery days:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, excluding National holidays

We deliver our fresh truffles in special high quality refrigerated cans with extra temperature control coolers. The special package adds extra weight and this increases the cost of delivery.

Origin of truffles

Our main goal is to provide our customers with high quality fresh and aromatic black and white truffles

This high goal is only achievable if we buy fresh truffles from different regions of Europe. The climate is different for different EU countries in different seasons and the quality of truffles is variable. We manage to maintain excellent quality because we cover a very large area of ​​Europe. We buy and sell extremely fresh truffles from truffle hunters from France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria

We have been supplying truffles for 15 years now and we have built a network of suppliers to ensure excellent quality at all times of the year

Our customers are national and local distributors in Germany, France, Italy, England, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Michelin restaurants and many private individuals


Cristina Z. - 01/07/2022

I recently purchased the Triple kit with Fresh Black Truffles for Dog Training and it has been the perfect addition to my training regimen. The kit comes with three different sized truffles, which can be used for different types of training. The truffles are of a high quality, providing a great scent and taste that are perfect for training my dogs. Additionally, the truffles are very easy to use and require minimal preparation. I have been able to train my dogs with ease and success. I highly recommend this kit for anyone looking for a great way to train their dogs.

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