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Dried truffles and mushrooms

Dried black truffles Aestivum

Dried black truffles are suitable for any specialty. Our customers have dried truffles at any time o..

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Dried black winter truffles Tuber Brumale

Dried black winter truffles suitable for any speciality. This is extremely convenient for all our cu..

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Dried White Alba Truffles Magnatum pico

Dried white truffles are suitable for any sophisticated specialty. Extremely convenient for all our ..

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Dried black winter truffles Melanosporum

Dried black winter truffles suitable for any speciality. This is extremely convenient for all our cu..

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Buy best and quality Dried truffles from

With Terra Ross, dried truffles can be as good as the fresh ones

Drying is a perfect method of process truffles that allows storing them for a long time and transport anywhere without a hassle. The specific drying technology we use helps us to ensure the natural conservation of the flavor a fresh fungus has. So, you can rest assured that your magical cooking ingredient will be stored for months safe and sound. Ordering dried truffles for sale is undoubtedly the perfect solution for those who do not have an opportunity to stock up for fresh ones each time they run out. Master the art of cooking with our lasting delicacies ready to be used anytime. 

Amaze even the most sophisticated food connoisseurs with our perfect dried truffle mushrooms

Each sort of dried fungi sold in our store is created by experts through the procedure of dehydration. It is an entirely natural and strictly supervised process that does not involve any preservatives. Dried truffles should be stored in a fridge at - 18 degrees. This way, they will preserve all their properties for at least 36 months. 

These fungi are often used by chefs in high-end restaurants as they have a delicate flavor and can turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece. Unlike their frozen version, dried truffles do not require any preparations and can be used right away as a secret ingredient that makes already good meals taste like they are made in heavens. These amazing mushrooms are perfect as a seasoning for various meat dishes, but unlike traditional herbs and trivial spices, the flavor you get is much more sophisticated. Even a small pinch of powdered truffle can give a unique taste and aroma to any meal and make your guests crave for more! 

So, if you’re in the market for something special to spruce up your dinner routine, buy dried truffles from our store. With us, you can get any of these top-notch delicacies without digging deep into your pockets.