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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum A-grade
$84.00 Ex Tax: $70.00

A-grade fresh black truffles Tuber Melanoposrum vitt., includes truffle weighing between 1..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum B-grade
$78.00 Ex Tax: $65.00

B-grade fresh black truffles Tuber Melanoposrum vitt., includes truffle weighing between 5..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum Extra-grade
$90.00 Ex Tax: $75.00

Extra-grade fresh black truffles Tuber Melanosporum vitt., includes truffle weighing betwe..

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Fresh Perigord black truffles for sale – Savory paradise

Are you cooking risotto, meat, or pasta? There’s some ingredient that can make an ordinary dish into a truly gourmet one. Consider adding fresh truffles of the Tuber melanosporum species to your recipe and let them exude an exclusive earthy flavor with a fruity hint. You can even heat them for a more definitive culinary delight, but be careful. It’s going to be so delicious you won’t resist having a second helping.

At Terra Ross, we delicately source and store each Perigord truffle to maintain its unique appeal. Whether you want some to elevate your at-home recipes or for your restaurant, here you go. We will be ready to ship these fresh truffles as soon as you make up your mind about the grade.

Why are there different prices for black Perigord truffles?

Although all these truffles are Tuber melanosporum, they are not virtually the same. They vary by grade that affects their price and appearance. Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Extra-grade Perigord truffles are the pinnacle of food presentation. They are the largest of the bunch and are ideal for restaurant use as they have no visual blemishes.

  • A-grade truffles are a tad smaller than those but are still big enough to wow you. They may have minor surface imperfections.

  • B-grade Perigord truffles are the tiniest ball-like beauties with 1-3 cm in their diameter. Their peridium may come with some crevices, cuts, or scratches.

The differences aside, they all taste like nothing else. Buy black Perigord truffles of any grade you want to savor their gourmet status!