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Gourmet Delight: Get Fresh Perigord Black Truffles - King of Black Truffles

Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum A-grade

Hundreds of truffle varieties exist, but Winter black truffles from Italy, France and Asia are the m..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum B-grade

For those who appreciate excellent cuisine, the "Périgord Truffle" (Tuber Melanosporum) offers an un..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum Extra-grade

Tuber melanosporum, renowned as the 'culinary diamond of the kitchen', is more commonly known as the..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum Large broken pieces

Morceaux de truffes noires de haute qualité, provenant de truffes entières dont une partie abîmée a ..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum Shavings

Black truffles, often referred to as the 'black diamond', are renowned for their iconic and mythical..

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Fresh Black Truffles Melanosporum Slices

Known as the 'black diamond', black truffles have attained an iconic and mythical status. No slicing..

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Treat yourself to the King of Black Truffles: Fresh Perigord Black Truffles! Get them now for the best prices online. Enjoy the exquisite flavor of these delicacies today!

Treat Yourself to the King of Black Truffles - Fresh Perigord Truffles for Sale

Are you cooking risotto, meat, or pasta? There’s some ingredient that can make an ordinary dish into a truly gourmet one. Consider adding fresh truffles of the Tuber melanosporum species to your recipe and let them exude an exclusive earthy flavor with a fruity hint. You can even heat them for a more definitive culinary delight, but be careful. It’s going to be so delicious you won’t resist having a second helping.

At Terra Ross, we delicately source and store each Perigord truffle to maintain its unique appeal. Whether you want some to elevate your at-home recipes or for your restaurant, here you go. We will be ready to ship these fresh truffles as soon as you make up your mind about the grade.

Why are there different prices for black Perigord truffles?

Although all these truffles are Tuber melanosporum, they are not virtually the same. They vary by grade that affects their price and appearance. Here’s what you can choose from:

    Extra-grade Perigord truffles are the pinnacle of food presentation. They are the largest of the bunch and are ideal for restaurant use as they have no visual blemishes.
    A-grade truffles are a tad smaller than those but are still big enough to wow you. They may have minor surface imperfections.
    B-grade Perigord truffles are the tiniest ball-like beauties with 1-3 cm in their diameter. Their peridium may come with some crevices, cuts, or scratches.

        The differences aside, they all taste like nothing else. Buy black Perigord truffles of any grade you want to savor their gourmet status!

        Knowing What is Needed

        Truffles have been part of human cuisine since ancient times, but only re-emerged during the Renaissance. By the end of the 19th century, they had become the celebrated delicacy we know today. Two thirds of the world's Périgord black truffles are produced in France, with Vaucluse being the leading producer. A truffle is an underground fungus that belongs to the ascomycete family. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the tree it grows near, with both organisms benefiting from the interaction. The truffle absorbs the sugars from the tree, while the fungus helps the tree absorb mineral salts and water from the soil. Certain tree species are best suited for truffle growth, such as holm oaks, pubescent oaks, hazels, lindens, and sweet chestnuts. The ideal growing conditions are chalky, shallow, and well-drained soils.


        The shape is round and slightly bumpy, with a black-very dark brown color. The dark brown flesh is threaded with white.The aroma of this truffle is truly
        Remarkable, with hints of undergrowth and dried mushroom. Its fragrance is unparalleled.
        Sample a complex flavor, with hints of humus, hazelnut, and black radish.

        Nutritional benefits

        Truffles, when used as a condiment, provide negligible nutritional value, but they do possess significant amounts of vitamins B2, B3, B5, D, and K.

        How to use

        The scent of truffle is fleeting, so it must be kept sealed in the refrigerator. A sheet of kitchen towel on top can help protect it from moisture. Alternatively, storing your truffle in uncooked rice is an ideal way to preserve both the humidity and aroma. Plus, the rice will take on the truffle's fragrance and make a wonderful side dish. Lastly, freezing it can extend its shelf life up to 12 months.
        Before use, gently scrub a fresh truffle. Slice it thinly with a mandolin or crush it with a fork to unlock its flavors. Enjoy it raw or cooked. When using canned truffles, only use them in hot dishes.
        Enjoy truffles in one of the simplest ways: on buttered bread, in thin slices, with a sprinkle of fleur de sel.
        Pairing Perigord Truffles with other foods or drinks
        Garlic and Parmesan can add to the savory flavour of eggs, mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, and Brie de Meaux PDO.

        The renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé has crafted a delectable truffle ice cream, as well as chocolates with a truffle flavor.

        Mature wines are best paired with truffles, as their subtle aromas won't be overpowered.
        Whites: Meursault PDO, Riesling from Alsace, Hermitage AOC White, and Puligny-Montrachet AOC.
        Reds: Cahors AOC and Pomerol AOC.