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Discover the Divine Taste of Tuber Macrosporum Truffles

Fresh Smooth Black Truffle Macrosporum A-grade Fresh Smooth Black Truffle Macrosporum A-grade Sold out
Fresh Smooth Black Truffle Macrosporum A-grade
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At present, there is no legislation regulating the sale of Tuber Macrosporum Vitt., commonly referre..

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Fresh Smooth Black Truffle Macrosporum B-grade Sold out
Fresh Smooth Black Truffle Macrosporum B-grade
$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

At present, smooth black truffle (Tuber Macrosporum Vitt.) is considered inferior to Tuber Melanospo..

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Tuber macrosporum truffles have a divinely velvety look and flavor

Discover Heaven on Earth - Tuber Macrosporum Truffles

This species is well-liked by cooking enthusiasts and chefs alike. Fresh Tuber macrosporum truffles have little to no warts, which is why their appearance is smooth. Their white veining is pretty distinctive, making a startling contrast to their black and brown body colors. Available in the A-grade and B-grade, the truffles may be covered with some blemishes, but these are never serious.

When it comes to all things taste, our smooth truffles pack a garlicky punch. Earthy notes add a finishing touch to their profile, making sure you can get lost in a feast of flavors. More importantly, they can be stored for weeks without losing any of them.

How can smooth black truffles be used?

Because of their pungent garlicky taste, smooth truffles are rarely eaten as they are. Yet, they make gourmet additions to an endless variety of dishes – from fish and omelets to pasta. Those with demanding palates may even be looking to buy Tuber macrosporum truffles for desserts, cakes, and soups. They are considered go-to food bases that allow your dish to bring its full flavor out, be it sweet or musky.

At Truffle Cart, we only harvest smooth truffles when they reach their peak flavors and produce a boast-worthy aroma. The species is usually fully mature from October to January. That’s when you can’t go wrong ordering Tuber macrosporum truffles online to enjoy their freshness. Check out what grade works for your culinary applications and let us provide you with the best price!

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