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Taste The Royalty Of Fresh White Truffles: Tuber Magnatum - The King

Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Big size Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Big size

White Alba Truffles, also known as Tuber Magnatum Pico, are highly prized for their unique aroma and..

Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Huge size Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Huge size

White truffles, a delicacy of winter, are highly sought after for their distinct aroma and fleeting ..

Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Medium size Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Medium size
$60.00 is proud to offer an exclusive selection of premium fresh European White truffles, r..

Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Small size Sold out
Fresh white truffles Tuber Magnatum Small size

To discover the unparalleled aroma and flavor of Italian White Truffle, a visit to Piedmont is essen..

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Fresh White Alba Truffles Tuber Magnatum - The King of Truffles

Experience the legendary taste of Tuber Magnatum - the King of Truffles! Buy online today and enjoy the exquisite flavor of this exquisite delicacy

The demand for truffles has always been high. Their nuanced taste and distinctive flavors have made them one of the world’s most wanted food products. At Terra Ross, we offer you fresh Tuber magnatum – the king of all truffles. This species is so coveted for many reasons. Not only is it luscious, but it can also be found in its natural habitat in Southern Europe only. That’s why every food connoisseur must try these truffles.

Instructions for Using White Truffles:

1. Choose truffles that are firm, heavy, and have a whitish-gray color. 2. Slice the truffle thinly for use in dishes, or shave into small pieces. 3. Use truffle slices as toppings or mix into dishes such as risotto or pasta. 4. Add truffle shavings to dishes such as omelettes, salads, or steak. 5. Store truffles in a sealed container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.
6. Enjoy the earthy, slightly nutty flavor of white truffle dishes!

Storage Methods

Enjoy fresh Italian white truffles promptly after receiving them due to their valuable price. Taking into account their worth, it is worthwhile to put effort into preserving them.

Storing white truffles in the fridge is a great option. Cover them with kitchen paper towel or cotton cloth, and make sure to switch out the paper and keep it dry daily, as it absorbs their humidity.

Store your fresh white truffles in the freezer for a longer shelf life. Start by carefully washing and drying your truffles, then wrap each one in metal foil and put them in a ziplock bag. Placing them in the freezer will extend their shelf life and reduce the loss of their aroma.

Store white truffles in Rice, such as Arborio or Carnarioli, to help preserve them from exposure to air and impart flavor to the food. This method can also help extend the truffle's shelf life if stored in the fridge. However, some may think this method reduces the quality of the truffle since it absorbs moisture and flavor from the rice. Risotto is often made using this method as the infused flavor of the rice complements the dish.

Discover the King of Truffles! Tuber Magnatum Pico, the most famous truffle in the world, is now available. Get it now and experience the intense, earthy flavor of the king of truffles!

Tuber magnatum is scarce and hard to find. It is also impossible to farm these truffles, so they are usually available only in small quantities. That’s why we join efforts with leading suppliers in Europe to harvest more of them in the shortest time. We also carefully select our Tuber magnatum truffles to provide you with high-grade products with:

  • solid, creamy-white, and soapy inner texture
  • fermented cheese flavor
  • intense taste with garlic notes
  • at least 0.70oz  each

Want to savor fancy dishes whenever you want? With Terra Ross, you can always get Tuber magnatum at prices that won’t make you break the bank