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Experience the Intense Aroma of Bagnoli's Black Truffle (Tuber Mesentericum)

Fresh Bagnoli Truffle Mesentericum A-grade Sold out
Fresh Bagnoli Truffle Mesentericum A-grade
$80.00 Ex Tax: $80.00

The Bagnoli truffle, similar to T. aestivum, is renowned for its strong phenol flavour. Its dark, wa..

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Fresh Bagnoli Truffle Mesentericum B-grade Sold out
Fresh Bagnoli Truffle Mesentericum B-grade
$45.00 Ex Tax: $45.00

The Bagnoli Black Truffle (Tuber Mesentericum), also known as the Ordinary/Phoenic Black Truffle, is..

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Experience the Most Intense Aroma of Bagnoli's Black Truffle (Tuber Mesentericum)

Discover the Intense Aroma of the Black Truffle of Bagnoli - Phenol Rich!

Black truffles are world-famous delicacies, but very few people have a chance to try them. These fungi are extremely rare and grow only in their natural habitat. Since it is challenging to cultivate tuber mesentericum, it is only available in several places on earth in modest amounts and for a limited time as it grows very slowly. At Truffle Cart, we have one of the largest selection of Bagnoli black truffles in Europe that you can buy wholesale or at retail. You will always find the product you need at our store.

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Our major goal is to provide you with excellent products, so we work only with top truffle hunters from France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania. We have been delivering fresh Bagnoli truffle mesentericum a- and b-grade for more than 15 years, which allowed us to establish year-round supplies. Our qualified specialists also carefully select the fungi before sending them to customers. That’s why at Truffle Cart, you can order fresh tuber mesentericum whenever you want. 

Our black truffles come with the following distinctive features:

    intense aroma of phenol or iodine that weakens when exposed to air

      unique taste, slightly reminiscent of almond

        weight between 15 and 200 g

          above 3 cm in diameter

          We set a price for tuber mesentericum that will pleasantly surprise you. To ensure the highest quality of our products, we store and transfer them under special conditions. This is the reason why our customers always get fresh black truffles exactly when they need them.

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