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Discover the Delicate Flavor of Fresh Tuber Aestivum

Fresh black summer truffles A-grade Sold out
Fresh black summer truffles A-grade

The black truffle has a summer variation, which is mild and delicately-flavored. Available from May ..

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Fresh Black Summer Truffles B-grade

uffles are a delicious ingredient, often used to season a variety of dishes, such as strangozzi or s..

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Fresh Black Summer Truffles C-grade

Truffles are a popular delicacy throughout Europe, particularly in the form of edible truffles. They..

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Fresh Black Summer Truffles Extra grade Sold out
Fresh Black Summer Truffles Extra grade

The Black Summer Truffle typically grows quietly beneath the soil of open woodland with little veget..

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Experience the Rich Flavor of Fresh Tuber Aestivum Black Truffles!

Experience the pleasure of Terra Ross's tuber aestivum throughout the year

Across the world, summer truffle is highly sought-after and treasured as a culinary delight. Although it cannot be cultivated, this mushroom can be gathered in several European countries that provide the right environmental conditions. But at Terra Ross, we offer the tuber aestivum at an unbeatable price. Our suppliers are located in all parts of the European continent, ensuring that our product is accessible no matter the season.

What are our black summer truffles features and uses?

Our assortment is made up of top-notch fungi, including fresh A-, B-, and C-grade summer truffles that have:

  • regular shape 

  • weight between 20 and 300 g

  • more than 3 cm in diameter 

At Terra Ross, you will also find extra grade products – whole black summer truffles. You can choose their size that ranges between 20-50, 50-100, or 100-300 grams. Our truffles are perfect for cooking or eating as they are. They can be processed into oil, honey, and salts or become a great garnish on their own. 

Summer truffles have a unique, fascinating flavor with hints of garlic, hazelnut, and wild mushroom. You will feel its distinctive aroma even better once you slice the fungi. No doubts, our truffles will be a great addition to your dinner. Order summer truffles now at Terra Ross, and enjoy their taste in 1-2 days already.

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